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Practice is never the most exciting part, but it is key to developing exceptional cursive writing skills. With correct formation habits, students develop the speed and legibility necessary for cursive success.

Monitor your child when they practice independently on the cursive writing worksheets that follow. Keep these two questions in mind as you monitor your child.

  • Does your child know how to write the letter correctly?
  • Does your child form the letters and parts of the letters correctly?

Cursive writing is an art, and the more your child practices the more they will improve. Encourage your child to spend at least 20 minutes a day practicing cursive handwriting. They can write different letters and words or write their favorite sentences or phrases using these worksheets.


  • Use anything that’s not a pencil – gel pen, paint, highlighter, marker.
  • Time your child to see how fast they can complete a full page.
  • Write in white crayon, then cover with watercolors to see the writing.
  • Click here for more free, downloadable cursive practice worksheets.

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