Pre-Cursive Scribbles

Before your child starts their cursive journey they should practice the skills needed for controlled pencil movements. Before your child can learn cursive letter formation they will need to gain confidence with continuous pre-cursive lines.

To write in print, your child lifts up their pencil several times within a single letter. To write in cursive, the tip of the pencil is kept on the paper for a longer, continuous period of time. Your child must develop a dynamic grasp on the pencil to move along the whole length of a word.

The pre-cursive activities in this section will help your child develop the visual motor skills and dexterity needed for copying cursive letters, strengthening their hands, increasing pen control, and teaching important strokes. These fun activities also allow your child creative control over their learning.


  • Draw lines and shapes in the sand with a finger or a stick.
  • Draw lines and shapes in chalk outside or on a chalkboard.
  • Use yarn to create loops, curves, and angled lines.
  • Click here for more free, downloadable pre-cursive worksheets.

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