Lowercase Cursive Letters

Once your child has mastered the pre-cursive lines, they are ready to learn lowercase letters. We teach the lowercase letters first to develop cursive skills in the easiest, most efficient way. We begin with letters that are familiar from printing, for an easier transition from print to cursive.

Our child-friendly letter formations make it fun and memorable for children to learn. The following pages use simple strokes and a familiar letter style that looks like the letters and words children see and read every day in print.

It is important to encourage your child to make continuous strokes, utilizing the skills learned in the pre-cursive practice. For greater success, demonstrate letter formation for your child first, then monitor their attempts. Assuming your child can figure it out alone could lead to improperly formed letters and poor habits.


  • Write the letters BIG on a whiteboard or piece of paper.
  • Draw the letters in the air with your finger, copying the strokes.
  • Finger trace the letters before using a pencil to write them.
  • Click here for more free, downloadable lowercase letter worksheets.

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